- new website in progress - currently barebones
- currently working on Sternzeit Tanze and Get to Work
- trying to save up for a new PC so I can stream again

I'm AL. I'm a queer and disabled artist. They/them.
Minted in Louisiana, 1996.
I don’t have any specific focus in my work - I experiment with a lot of different media and topics. I’m mostly known for my bold linework and character design. Next, I would like to learn leatherworking and game making. I spend most of my time laying in the grass with my dog, Grits.You can contact me alalampone@gmail.com

interests:video games, comics, animation, cooking, gardening, writing (RP), mysteries, crafting, mythology, sustainability, entomology, biology, geology, meterology
media:digital art, traditional art (acrylic - gouache - pencil - ink), fiber (crochet - sewing), papermaking
health:Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, POTS, Autism, OCD - feel free to ask questions
closedfriends onlylow availability

You CAN use my fan art for:
- icons and blog graphics (with permission)
- phone and PC backgrounds
You CANNOT use any of my art for:
- commercial purposes (including NFT)
- AI learning

Q. Are you available for freelance or contract work?
Not really… I work a full time job and don’t have a lot of free time. Shoot me an email though!
Q. Can I use the character design I commissioned from you for a project?
A. Yes! Please credit me, though.
Q. Did you go to art college?
A. Short answer: no.
Long answer: Via private, AP, and specialized art classes I received some studio art education during grade school.
Q. Did you know that you’re following -
A. No… I use social media pretty infrequently. I miss a lot. If something happens that’s worth talking to me about, please email me or find me on Discord (alalampone).

Sternzeit Tänzemoderatorpending
Get to Workspot artistpending
IKADAKIMASUgraphics + production moderatorcomplete!
Arty Siegemod + card artistcomplete!
Farewell Inkopolishostcomplete!
Flowers for 5 Yearsart moderatorcomplete!
Yumtendopage + spot artistcomplete!
Splatoon Plannerpromo artist + merch artistcomplete!
City of Colormerch artistcomplete!
Octo Canyon Zinepage artistcomplete!
Eizinekenpage artistcomplete!
Squid Beats 2promo artist + page artistcomplete!
Splashbackpage artistcomplete!
Squid Beatspage artistcomplete!

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