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▶ Payment is upfront and non-refundable after the commission is completed.
▶ Payment is made through a Paypal invoice ONLY.
▶ All prices are in USD.

• All commissions are for personal use ONLY and cannot be used for any commercial reason. This includes as graphics for monetized platforms like Twitch, Youtube, and Patreon. If you’d like to use my art for commercial use, please discuss it with me in the commission inquiry phase.

• My style is kinda experimental! If there’s a piece I’ve already done that you really want the look of, be sure to request that. Otherwise, I’ll just do whatever I think looks right for your piece.

• Written references are okay, but please have some sort of visual element for me to work with. Pictures of outfits or people your character looks like are great.

• I send WIPs at every stage to avoid having to correct too many things later. Please be upfront about changes when I ask. If you suddenly have a lot of corrections at the end, I may charge to go back and redo the parts of the piece.


• COMPLEXITY FEE (varies): I'll charge more for complicated armor, robot parts, props, etc that'll take a significant amount of extra time to draw. I'll always discuss this with you beforehand.

• CHARACTER DESIGN FEE ( $50 ): I really love doing character design commissions and am flattered people want them from me! But they do take a lot of time, sketches, and communication.


please send me an email with info on what you want to commission!!

▶ ◀

FAV humans, humanoids, aliens, and robots

FAV action poses!

FAV cute and/or romantic stuff
OK blood/light gore

OK furry/anthro (but I’m not great at it!)

OK pinup-y stuff and mild nudity
(for 18+ customers & characters ONLY)

OK mechy stuff and detailed design (tho I might add a complexity fee!)
NO porn, fetish, offensive, and/or questionable content.

NO backgrounds. I’m tired.