just breathe. distract yourself.


The Jazz Hop Café lots of really long relaxing mixes. the 'mixes' playlist will last for several hours.
SoulSearchAndDestroy very long mixes. some chill stuff and some more upbeat stuff.
the bootleg boy low-fi mixes. i recommend Lofi Hip Hop Mixes and RAINING.
Mellowbeat Seeker chill mixes. streams sometimes too.


The Calligraphy Hub people writing really pretty.
Instagram Pottery Videos people making pottery usually on a wheel.
TEDtalks perfect if you need something to engage your mind, enjoy listening to lectures, and want to learn something new.
Animal On Earth animal videos. generally pretty funny.
Bob Ross @ twitch streams of the most iconic relaxing video personality.


Rinmaru Games lots and lots of doll/avatar makers. good to make yourself, your favorite character, or an OC in.
Mateusz Skutnik point-and-click adventure games with an eerie, lonely vibe.
Not Doppler huge library of free games you can play in your browser.
2048 a classic, endless time wasting game.
Internet Arcade archive video games from the 70s-90s that you can play in your internet browser.


Codecademy learn to code! i recommend neocities.org if you need an empty sandbox to test your skills and make your own site.
Sublime Stitching learn to embroider! this is a fairly inexpensive and relaxing hobby. and you can customize your clothes with it.
Beginner's Guide to Origami learn how to do something cool with something you probably already have on your desk.

[get lost]

Neocities Gallery a revival of geocities; a lot of independent artists and coders make interesting sites. (warning) some sites have sudden/loud autoplay so browse with caution.
FRUiTS archive flip through 50 issues of FRUiTS, an iconic Japanese street fashion magazine.
Moving Image archive millions of free movies and videos from all sorts of decades and content matter.

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