Q. Are you available to hire for a project / a commission?

A. I'm not currently available to hire for long-term projects. But I am available for small illustration commissions! Please check this page for details.

Q. Do you do free work or requests?

A. Nope!

Q. Can I use your art as an icon / blog graphic / etc?

A. Yes, as long as you credit me somewhere that is easily visible like a description or credits page. However, I do not want art of my own characters used as ref pictures, rp icons, etc for other characters. If you like how I design OCs I have a character design fee on my commissions page.

Q. Can I repost your work?

A. If it's on a site that I'm already on like Tumblr or Twitter just go find and reblog/retweet the original post. If it's on a website I'm not on or if it's some sort of compliation post with different artists you can as long as you give explicit credit.

Q. Can I use the character design I commissioned or bought from you for a project?

A. Yes! If you paid for it, it is yours. However, I would appreciate credit so if people like it they can find more of my work.

Q. What program do you use? Tablet? Brushes?

A. Program is Photoshop CC. Tablet is a Wacom Intuos Pro. I use one brush for most things and it is a modified version of Loish's pastel brush that I've affectionally named 'Chunko Brusho'. If you have a question about a specific brush/effect/font in one of my pieces just shoot me an email or dm and I can probably find out what it is.

Q. What is your chronic illness?

A. I have a cocktail of genetic mutations involving conditions like Fibromyalgia, possible Rheumatoid Arthritis or EDS, a mysterious gut disorder, an allergy to plant matter, and some other things. I am disabled and I use mobility aids like a cane and a wheelchair. I don't mind answering more in-depth questions about my illness, but I would prefer they be emailed/dm'd to me so they can remain private.

Q. Have you tried [insert health tip here] for your chronic illness?

A. Yes.