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▼ Graphics and Production Moderator

Currently in production!


Tasks I've undertaken are:

  • creating the logo and various other visual design elements for social media, the Discord server, documents, the website, and various other things.
  • designing the mascots.
  • contributor relations, like communicating with them about things concerning the zine's production.
  • bookkeeping like creating and maintaining email templates, spreadsheets, and documents.
  • inner project management - organizing elements and communication for chef & spot artist collaboration.
  • occassionally handling 'customer service' type duties like handling DMs, replies, and emails.
  • handpainted a bento box for a giveaway to generate interest on social media. and just for fun.
Tasks I'll eventually undertake:
  • creating the zine's cover.
  • designing elements for credit pages and the like for the completed zine.
  • budgeting, ordering merch.
  • packaging and shipping out the finished product.
  • creating a secret merch item 😳

You can see some of the various art I've done for the social media through this twitter search or through the twitter's media tab. When the zine is completed, I'll create a comprehensive cloud folder of most if not all of the artwork I've done.

City of Color - merch artist
Octo Canyon Zine - page artist
Eizineken - page artist
Squid Beats 2 - guest page artist
Gordie Zine (canceled) - page artist
Splashback - page artist
Color Pulse! - page artist collab with @actuallypunny
A La Mode - page artist
Squid Beats - page artist
Sea-tizens Of Inkopolis Zine - page artist